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How does a fashion subscription work?

How does a fashion subscription work?

Is it required to sign a contract in order to activate the subscription?

No. Signing a contract is not required in order to activate the subscription. You can cancel the subscription anytime.

How to activate the subscription?

Firstly, create your E – Garderobe account, then log in to your profile and click the ‘my subscriptions’ button. Choose your plan and add your card details.

Are there any extra charges for the subscriptions?

No. You will be charged only the price of the chosen plan. Only if you exceed the order limit you will be charged extra for the delivery costs.

Am I supposed to wash my rented garments?

No. We will take care of the washing. Even if you stain the clothes, please do not wash them! E -Garderobe is using only the modern eco - laundry technologies.

How many items included in the plan can I rent in one month?

Depends, on the chosen plan. Starting from 2 up to 10.

What is the renting time per garment included in the subscription?

Renting time is maximum 4-5 days. We do not count Sundays as a renting day.

How do I return and collect my ordered garments?

We deliver your package to any location in Poland. It can be your house, your office or any other place you desire. In order to return the package, you shall drop it off at the nearest DHL pick up point in your city.
We will provide you with the shipping label which you can find inside your parcel.

What if my chosen garment doesn’t fit me?
You can exchange it withing 24 hours. However please note that the garment can be exchanged only if it wasn’t used and the security seals are attached.
We do not provide refunds in the subscription plan.

Are all the E – Garderobe garments included in the subscription plan?
No. Only selected items are included in the subscription plan. Other items are available only for one – time rentals.

What if I damage or stain my rented garments?

Please do not worry. The insurance covering the costs of small repairs is included in the subscription plan.

Is the subscription refundable?

The subscription is not refundable. You can only exchange garments included in the subscription plan.

Are the delivery costs included in the subscription plan?
In the Basic subscription plan, there is 1 free of charge delivery included. In the Premium plan there are 2 and in the LUX plan there are 4. For any extra deliveries you would be charged.

How many days in advance can I book the garments?

You can book your chosen garments up to 10 days in advance.

Can I pick up my garments in person?

Yes. Self – pickup is free of charge. Garments are available for self – pickup after 3 pm.

Are the garments available in the subscription plan available also in the Showroom?

Yes, they are. They can be rented straight away in the Showroom depending on the availability.

For how long does the discounted price apply?

The discounted price applies only for the first month. If you cancel your subscription and purchase it again the standard price would be applied.

Updated on: 21/01/2022